W.A.S. Wastewater Solutions

W.A.S. Wastewater Solutions are Brisbane’s wastewater solution specialists. 

We service and repair Home Sewage Treatment Plant systems.

Provide high quality submersible pumps replacement, air pump repair or replacement and HSTP pump outs or ‘desludging’.

Our Services

W.A.S. Wastewater Solutions offers servicing and repairs to most brands of wastewater treatment plants (HSTP).

We carry stock of trusted brands of submersible pump, air blowers, irrigation parts and fittings.

W.A.S. Wastewater Solutions also arrange pump outs (desludging) as required.

We offer 24/7 emergency wastewater management service.  Call out fee is applicable with the first 30 minutes labour included.

Service, Repair & Replace

Using the latest technology digital water testing equipment we deliver accurate results.

Licensed Technicians

Licensed to service and repair most brands and models air blowers; replace submersible pumps and arrange ‘pump outs’ (desludging).

Service Area

Our technicians service the Moreton Bay Regional Shire and are licensed to service, repair, replace and pump out wastewater treatment units.

Prompt. Reliable. Efficient.

Available 24/ 7 for Emergency Call Outs 

0424 157 712

Licence: RD23136

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